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Pazkar Company

Pazkar offers professional, high-quality solutions in two main areas: waterproofing and infrastructure. These solutions are based on many years of experience and expertise, integrating the best production and development capabilities. As a company committed to innovation, Pazkar’s solutions feature advanced thinking and provide a perfect response to customer needs, both in terms of product features and capabilities as well as methods of use.

Over the years, Pazkar’s premier solutions have paved the way and are now implemented in almost every home, building and infrastructure system in Israel. Out of commitment to its customers, Pazkar constantly strives to continue developing high-quality, reliable solutions that repeatedly set new professional standards in the industry

Certifications and Standards

Pazkar’s quality management system meets the requirements of the IQNET ISO 9001:2015 international standard of the Israeli Standards Institute. Additionally, Pazkar holds the standard mark for bituminous sheets, the Green Label, and other international certifications such as: the European Union CE standard, the American Cool Roof Rating Council CRRC approval, and more.

Waterproofing Application Details

Roof Waterproofing System – on Bitumen Felt Substrate

Roof Waterproofing System – “Inverted Roof”

Roof Waterproofing System – Concrete Substrate

Waterproofing Detail Under Green Roof

Waterproofing Detail – Parking Deck Ceiling

Parapet Waterproofing Detail on Ceiling

Waterproofing System Detail – Balcony with Tile Substrate

Wet Room Waterproofing System – Concrete Block Walls, Plastered

Wet Room Waterproofing Details – Drywall Walls

Below-Grade Waterproofing System – Foundations and Floors

Retaining Wall Waterproofing Detail – Closed Excavation

Carmel Specification for Waterproofing Concrete Bridge Decks

3D bituminous systems

P-roof 1 - Waterproofing detail for roofs

P-UG 1 - Underground walls waterproofing details for protection & drainage

P-UG 2 - Waterproofing detail for Underground walls

P-roof 2 - Waterproofing detail for PHC Slabs.

P-green - Waterproofing detail for planters, green roofs & roof balconies