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Paz PU-B 500 2K

PAZ PU-B 500 2K is a two-component sealant A+B in a ratio of 1:1 based on polyurethane and fast-hardening bitumen, creates a strong, elastic and flexible sealing layer, with adhesion (ability Adhesion) is excellent to a variety of surfaces.
Used to protect and seal surfaces that are not directly exposed to the sun such as: concrete surfaces, foundations, basements, balconies, wet rooms, roofs, contained bridges and more. Dries quickly and has excellent resistance to standing water.

Spraying Machine for Coating Materials

Driven by a three-phase electric motor 1450 rpm, supply voltage 400 volts, 50 Hz, 4 kW, maximum current consumption 9 amperes.
A reduction gear is mounted on the motor that drives 2 pumps in a row.
Reduction ratio – 1:2.85

NEODLY Bituminous Auxiliary Membrane

A bituminous sheet is made of a special bituminous mass and improved with SBS type polymers.
The sheet without armor alone, and has extremely high flexibility and elasticity.

Green SilPaz

Bituminous sealing material for wet rooms and balconies with polymers

Carmel System for Sealing Journeys and Bridges

The Pazkar company, from the Paz group, is proud to present to you the “Carmel” system for sealing bridges with asphalt coating.
This system reflects the company’s values ​​and its uncompromising commitment to the development of the highest quality sealing products, both for infrastructure and construction.

SuperPaz 50 C2T

Super quality cement adhesive for gluing ceramics, granite, porcelain, marble, mosaic and stone, suitable for gluing ceramics 5-10 mm thick 

SuperPaz 16 C2TE S1

Super quality cement adhesive for gluing stone, marble, mosaic and porcelain granite on concrete, concrete block and plaster | suitable for gluing 5-10 mm thick