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Special products and auxiliary products

אינטרגלס | פזקר pazkar

Special products and auxiliary products


Bituminous sealing material for wet rooms and balconies with polymers

Acrylic Paste

One-component acrylic sealant.

Gray PU Polyurethane Foam

Pazstick PU is a one-component polyurethane, which is used both as a gum and as a polyurethane adhesive. Pazstick dries in the air and creates a high-strength sealant/adhesive with Extremely high flexibility.

Polymer / Bentonite Water Stopper

Designed to stop water infiltration through concrete construction joints Cast in place by swelling in contact with water and creating a positive seal against the concrete.

יריעות זפת | נייר זפת | יריעות נייר זפת | פזקר pazkar

Tar Paper 250 E

Bituminous membrane used for coating and protection Bituminous mass armored with felt-like reinforced paper and coated with fine sand on both sides. Tar paper meets the requirements of TI 80

WATERSTOP-XP עצר מים | פזקר pazkar

WATERSTOP-XP Stopped Water

XP® WATERSTOP is a water stop consisting of an active polymer in XP technology that is proven to be effective in a wide variety of polluted environments.
The active polymer of XP® WATERSTOP has been designed to provide continuous positive waterproofing to concrete surfaces in fresh and saline groundwater conditions.
XP® WATERSTOP is effective in both continuous and intermittent hydrostatic conditions.
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WATERSTOP-RX עצר מים | פזקר pazkar

WATERSTOP-RX Stopped Water

RX-WATERSTOP is a water stop strap Hydrophilic designed to stop water penetration through construction joints The concrete cast in place by means of swelling in contact with water and creating a positive seal against the concrete.
The key to efficiency RRX-WATERSTOP is its superior swelling For sealing and filling voids and cracks in concrete.
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בד גאוטכני קל לא ארוג | פזקר pazkar

Lightweight Non-Woven Geotextile

Non-woven geotextile made from continuous polyester fibers using the thread method, does not contain chemical binders

בד גאוטכני קל לא ארוג | פזקר pazkar

Non-Woven Geotextile Fabric

Non-woven geotextile fabric made from continuous polyester fibers using the spunbond method, free from chemical binders

SMA BAND | פזקר pazkar

Water Stop SMA BAND 1040

Enhanced Polymeric Waterproof Water Stop, Non-Inflatable, Impenetrable to Liquids

סרט בוטילי להדבקה | פזקר pazkar

Butyl Adhesive Tape

Butyl adhesive tapeButyl tape, measuring 50mm in width, 20m in length, and 2mm in thickness.
On both sides of the butyl tape, there is attached a thin polyethylene film that can be easily removed before adhesion.

פז מגן H300 | פזקר pazkar

Paz Megen H300

This is a solution composed of a mixture of tough bitumen compounds with improved resistance to mechanical damage and dilution.
PazMegane H300 is a black bituminous paint that protects elements above and below ground from water damage

רולקה ביטומנית מתועשת PAZ-ROLKA | פזקר pazkar

Manufactured Bituminous Roll - Paz-Rolka - Waterproofing Material

Manufactured Bituminous Elastomeric Roll, Triangle-shaped, Designed for Shaping Corners and Junctions between Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces as Part of Bituminous Waterproofing System Applications

נייר זפת 250 l | פזקר pazkar

250gsm Tar Paper for Building and Roof Waterproofing

Bituminous Membrane membrane used for Coating and Protecting Bituminous Mass, Reinforced with Fabric-like Paper and Coated with Fine Sand on Both Sides. Tar Paper meets the requirements of Standard 80

סילברפז | pazkar פזקר

Silverpaz - Professional Waterproofing Material

Highly Reflective Protective Coating.
'Silverpaz' is a silver-colored protective coating based on bitumen, with high reflectivity



A hydrocarbon solvent with diluting and dissolving capacity for bitumens, oils, waxes and various resins