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Infrastructure products

Infrastructure products

אמולביט MS 600 | פזקר pazkar

Emolbit MS 600

Emolbit MS600 is a water-based bituminous primer for cold application

פריימר 99 | פזקר pazkar

Primer 99

A solution of an amino complex for improving adhesion to concrete, Primer 99 is a solution of an amino complex

אמולביט HF MS-152 | פזקר pazkar

Emulbit HF MS-152"

Emulbit HF-MS152 High Float

פוליטאר H99 | פזקר pazkar

Polytar H99

A two-component elastomeric material for cold application, designed to seal voids and cracks - resistant to fuel, oils, and silicone fuels. "Politar H99" is a two-component elastomeric sealing material based on polysulfide

פוליטאר 100 | פזקר pazkar

Polytar 100

An enhanced bituminous material with polymers for sealing expansion joints, movement joints, and cracks in asphalt surfaces, parking lots, sidewalks, concrete surfaces, and more.

פוליטאר 61 | פזקר pazkar

Polytar 61

Politar 61' is a bitumen-based waterproofing material containing synthetic rubber and applied hot.

אקסל לאיטום בורות הכביש

Excel - Cold Asphalt

Axel is a polymeric cold asphalt for filling, based on polymer-enhanced bituminous binder, surface active agents, organic solvents and copolymers.