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Water-based white sealants

Water-based white sealants

אקרילפז B | פזקר pazkar

AcrylPaz B

A material for sealing insulated pipes and for sealing and whitewashing roofs.
Acrylpaz B is a super white acrylic sealant and coating Water-based, environmentally friendly.

אקוופז | AQUAPAZ | פזקר pazkar


A water-based white polyurethane sealing paste that combines advanced polymers.
Highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions An innovative sealing and coating material that is applied by spraying in two Layers and is a perfect solution for sealing, whitening and reducing heat load in roofs

אקרילפז פלטיניום | פזקר pazkar

AcrylPaz Platinum

An white sealing and coating material reinforced with natural fibers designed for roof waterproofing.
"Acrylpaz Platinum" is a white sealing material enhanced with natural fibers that strengthen the sealing layer

מאסטר גג | פזקר pazkar

Master Roof

Innovative Water-based White Waterproofing and Coating Compound that Incorporates Advanced Polymers with High Resistance to Harsh Environmental Conditions.
Master Roof is an innovative waterproofing and coating material applied in two layers, providing a perfect solution for waterproofing, whitening, and reducing heat load on roofs

אינופז H2O - פטנט עולמי | פזקר pazkar

INOPAZ H2O Waterproof Sealant - Global Patent

Infuz H2O is a two-component polyurethane waterproofing and coating compound based on water. It exhibits excellent adhesion properties and high resistance to challenging environmental conditions.

אקרילפז סופר | פזקר pazkar


White Reinforced Waterproofing and Coating Material with Natural Fibers for Roof Waterproofing.
ACRYLPAZ Super is a white waterproofing material enhanced with natural fibers that strengthen the waterproofing layer

אקרילפז | פזקר pazkar

ACRYLPAZ - Material for Roof Waterproofing and Sealing

Roof Waterproofing and Sealing Material, ACRYLPAZ is a white acrylic waterproofing and coating material based on water, environmentally friendly.
Pazkar's solutions are 'green' environmentally friendly solutions with a green standard certification.
Starting from the top, when the roof is exposed to rain in the winter, among the company's products in this category, 'ACRYLPAZ' can be mentioned.
It is a white acrylic waterproofing and coating material based on water and environmentally friendly.
Unlike tar, ACRYLPAZ is water-based, does not emit toxic gases, and does not require heating.

The application of the material is easy and convenient to use