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כל אוטם | פזקר pazkar

Universal Sealant

An all-purpose elastic sealant cream is a versatile elastic waterproofing cream that is long-lasting and durable over the years.

יריעת פוליפז SP5-250 | פזקר pazkar

Universal Membranes

Membrane made of polymer-modified bitumen of the APP type, reinforced with a glass fabric scrim and finished with a layer of silica sand

יריעת פוליפז SP5-250 | פזקר pazkar

Professional Waterproofing Membrane - PolyPaz 4R

Roofing membrane made of bituminous mass enhanced with SBS polymer, with polyester reinforcement, and featuring a top coating composed of white aggregate for exposed-to-sunlight membranes (or silica sand) and for non-exposed membranes

יריעה ללא לבד | פזקר pazkar

Non-Reinforced Membrane-

A bituminous membrane made from special and polymer-enhanced bitumen, of the S.B.S type.
The membrane serves as an auxiliary layer for sealing in corners and areas with limited access.
It is used for seam reinforcement at roofing edges, wide surfaces, balconies, and for sealing around penetrating pipes