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Whitening creams

Whitening creams

אקרילפז 360 משוריין | פזקר pazkar

Reinforced ACRYLPAZ 360

Reinforced White Waterproofing and Coating Material with Natural Fibers, Intended for Roof Waterproofing.
Reinforced ACRYLPAZ 360 is a highly regarded white waterproofing material enhanced with ecological fibers that strengthen the waterproofing layer

אקרילפז 360 | פזקר pazkar


ACRYLPAZ 360 is a white acrylic waterproofing and coating material based on water, environmentally friendly.
ACRYLPAZ 360 is designed for roof waterproofing and sealing

מלבין אקרילי | פזקר pazkar

Professional Acrylic Roof Whitener

Acrylic Material - Roof Whitener.
'Acrylic Whitener' is a white coating based on high-quality acrylic emulsion