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A Quiet, Dry Winter: 5 Most Effective Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Winter with Pazkar

איטום גגות | פזקר pazkar

Winter is already here, and with it come the blessed rains. Many buildings that are not properly waterproofed against rain or maintained before winter can become damaged and leave you helpless against leaks, flooding, wall cracks, dampness and mold. All these can significantly impair normal home life and even cause real health damage.

So especially before the rainy season, here are 5 ways to help protect your home from winter and get through it without damage:

1. Do it Yourself

First, there are several important actions that can assist the process, which you can completely do yourself. Carefully climb up to the roof and start the “inspection”. Look for cracks, defects and vulnerabilities where water may seep into the structure despite existing roof waterproofing. Then thoroughly clean the roof, remove unnecessary objects and clear the area and drains of dirt, dust and leaves accumulated over the year. These debris can lead to clogged drains and accumulate water or even roof flooding. They can also damage existing waterproofing and lead to water penetrating your structure, so it is important to perform these actions at least once a year, before the rainy season arrives.

2. Monitor Puddles

When there is “standing” water on the roof for a long time, large puddles or small wet spots, this means immediate and also long-term damage. Water can damage any kind of stone or concrete, damage the building ceiling and cause cracks and holes through which water will directly enter your home. It is especially important to track these puddles, and make sure there is no longer any leakage in the building. If there is a leak, you must immediately call a professional to address it, professionally waterproof the roof including exterior walls, using quality, durable materials. You will soon discover which materials are especially recommended for waterproofing, so it lasts for many long years.

3. Renewal and Maintenance of Waterproofing Using Bituminous Membranes

A new, not yet waterproofed building, or a veteran building not maintained in the last twenty years, requires annual waterproofing and maintenance. If it is your private home, this will be much simpler to manage, but if you live in a residential building, this issue may be slightly more complex, because in many cases no neighbor will want to take responsibility for this and look for a suitable professional to treat and maintain the roof.

To extend your building’s roof life and prevent leaks for many years, any waterproofing damaged over the years must be renewed, and existing waterproofing maintained before the rains arrive. The most common and effective material for renewing or maintaining waterproofing is bituminous membranes which can be used to waterproof flat roofs, inclined roofs and concrete sections. This is the approved method in the country by the Standards Institute.

Today, Pazkar’s bituminous membranes are the only ones manufactured in Israel. They can most effectively bridge cracks, and are especially suitable for the cold winter due to their ability to maintain flexibility and durability even at very low temperatures. They also have high heat and UV radiation resistance.

איטום גגות | פזקר

4. Maintenance with Innopaz H2O

איטום גגות | אינופז H2O | פזקר pazkarRoof waterproofing | Innopaz H2O | Pazkar Innopaz H2O is a water-based sealant and coating, with excellent adhesion and high resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Innopaz H2O is an advanced, innovative development by Pazkar, patent-registered, providing a perfect solution for roof waterproofing and rehabilitating roof waterproofing. It is recommended to spread or spray Innopaz H2O every few years, as the sealant provides an additional insulating, protective layer for the structure against heat. Like bituminous membranes, this material is also UV resistant. Additional advantages of this material are its uniformity, durability and environmental-friendliness, as it is water-based and has a green label.

5. Maintenance and Renewal of Waterproofing Using IKO Materials

IKO is a global waterproofing and insulation manufacturing company imported to Israel by Pazkar. Its materials are the most durable in the world, suited even for harsh weather conditions, providing optimal results. Pazkar offers three IKO waterproofing systems:

The first system is the IKO metatech system. This is a two-component PMMA system based on methyl methacrylate material. This material comes in sealant form and hardening powder suitable for waterproofing roofs, balconies and even parking roofs. Spread in two coats, one immediately after the other, hardening within just 45 minutes.

The second system is the IKO tanetech system based on polyurethane excellent for waterproofing large and small roofs and balconies. The material has various finish options, and is known to be especially moisture resistant. The third and last type is designed for roofing called IKO hybritech – odorless material without solvents and isocyanate, spread in two coats immediately one after the other, allowing especially fast work.

How Long Does the Waterproofing Last?

Wall and roof waterproofing using properly installed bituminous membranes can last for decades, with routine maintenance including cleaning only, especially before the rainy season. Lower quality waterproofing work will last a shorter time, and most materials on the market, including sealants, can last up to 10 years, of course with annual maintenance.

Need assistance and selecting the most precise materials for your roof? We at Pazkar are at your service and will be happy to provide customized consulting. This is a simple, convenient process that will provide you many years of tranquility, and save you from unnecessary damage that could have been prevented.

We offer you to go through this and many winters to come with our high standard, uncompromising quality waterproofing materials. For professional consulting please contact our experts: Amit Adary, Technical Consultant, Pazkar.

Phone: 054-5241612 | Email:

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