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How to Choose Bathroom Waterproofing Material?

How to Select and Apply Quality Waterproofing Material for Wet Rooms?

How to Select and Apply Quality Waterproofing Material for Wet Rooms?

Bathrooms, known as “wet rooms”, require effective, quality waterproofing. It should be known that without a quality waterproofing layer and professional application, water will seep through the tile covering layer on walls and floors and be absorbed into the concrete or bricks. Bathroom waterproofing material should be properly selected, from a well-known manufacturer. Waterproofing contractors are careful to select quality, long-lasting waterproofing materials from recognized manufacturers like Pazkar, existent for 86 years already. Anyone contracting a waterproofing contractor should know rates vary by bathroom size.

In addition, the bathroom waterproofing should be addressed by applying a flexible material like silicone or suitable material for shower waterproofing on the lower section, sealing the grout lines between tiles and tub, and smoothing the material until a slope forms that will drain water down rather than pooling. It should be noted the tub must be dry during all waterproofing stages. The right waterproofing material should be chosen. If waterproofing a shower or tub during new home or apartment construction, the waterproofing work should be performed near occupancy. For new home or apartment construction, it is recommended to waterproof even before the tiling stage.

חומר איטום לאמבטיה | פזקר pazkar

Pay Attention to Bath Waterproofing to Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Sanitary fixtures, wall tiles and floor tiles are expensive products. To avoid expenses of purchasing new tiles and a tub due to unprofessional waterproofing, proper waterproofing should be maintained. The waterproofing capability should be checked every few months to verify it is indeed waterproofing, so that at the first signs of waterproofing material peeling, or mold signs on the grout lines between bathroom tiles, the old waterproofing material can be stripped and then the new waterproofing materials can be applied. When hiring a professional waterproofing company, for example if a defect caused damage, it will impact pricing, and based on the damage and waterproofing complexity the price will be set.

It should be noted bathroom waterproofing must be performed by a professional waterproofing company. Waterproofing should be promptly performed if signs of insufficient or outdated waterproofing are noticed. Before starting work, the professional will select bathroom waterproofing material suited exactly to the problem addressed. Any bathroom waterproofing renovation is impacted by waterproofing material quality together with professional, quality workmanship. Needless to say, bathroom waterproofing renewal constitutes important, fundamental maintenance for preventing mold, bacteria and of course dampness.

חומר איטום לאמבטיה | פזקר pazkar

Is Selecting Bathroom Waterproofing Material a Challenging Task?

Waterproofing contractors recognize that selecting bathroom waterproofing material can be a challenging task, as there is a range of waterproofing materials for wet rooms. Each waterproofing manufacturer will claim its products are the best. On the other hand, waterproofing contractors or consumers want to pay as little as possible, but a serious, professional waterproofing company will invest in waterproofing materials and follow manufacturer guidelines. The wisdom is choosing materials from an experienced manufacturer whose products are known and purchased by contractors for years, like Pazkar.

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As stated, Pazkar, founded in 1934 as part of the Paz Group, is one of the leading waterproofing material manufacturers in Israel. Anyone interested in particularly high-quality bathroom waterproofing material can find Elastomix, fast-drying waterproofing suited for wet rooms. This waterproofing is designed for waterproofing shower, bath and even basement flooring and walls. Elastopaz from Pazkar is also a bitumen-based shower waterproofing material. This waterproofing can be spray or brush applied. If you ask waterproofing contractors or companies what waterproofing materials they use, the answer will be Pazkar.

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