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Everything You Wanted to Know About Shower Waterproofing…

Shower Waterproofing and the Importance of Quality Materials

One of the most important tasks during renovation, and especially construction, is waterproofing the home’s showers, as these are wet rooms requiring very precise waterproofing. The grout lines must be filled with waterproofing sealant. Mold prevention, for health and aesthetic reasons, also necessitates waterproofing the bathrooms, but it is best this is done by a professional. Although many want to perform this work themselves, even if they are handy, a waterproofing professional will know how to do it using professional methods and high-quality special shower waterproofing materials.

It should be noted that the walls of bathrooms get wet every time a family member showers, but if there are no dampness or mold signs, it indicates the shower was waterproofed optimally. When the bathroom waterproofing is done unprofessionally, it will be expressed as damp damage on house walls, mold and very unpleasant odors. It is recommended not to compromise on faulty waterproofing, but to order an expert in bathroom waterproofing, using a professional company working with longstanding, recognized waterproofing manufacturer materials, like us at Pazkar. Our recommendation is absolutely not to take this issue lightly to avoid future repairs that will be needed quite soon if unprofessional work was done using low-quality waterproofing materials.

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Why is it Important Not to Neglect Shower Waterproofing?

Some apartment and homeowners neglect shower waterproofing on their properties. The issue is that heating and cooling costs can be saved, as humidity will not penetrate the apartment or house. Bathroom maintenance should be kept up and waterproofing should be thoroughly checked periodically. The most important thing is waterproofing the shower tiles as soon as they are installed, because water contact with the silicone will prevent good tile adhesion to the wall or floors, causing the silicone to disintegrate, leaving an unattractive appearance.

There is no reason to compromise on faulty shower waterproofing, when advanced, very effective and even inexpensive waterproofing solutions exist. For example, a shower room waterproofing material like Elastopaz, is one of the materials recommended by waterproofing contractors. It is a polymer-enriched superior waterproofing material with high flexibility, for spray or brush application. This waterproofing is water-based and environmentally friendly. It is water resistant, forming a homogeneous, flexible, strong waterproofing layer with high bridging capability over static cracks.

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What are the Factors and Tips for Professional Long-Lasting Shower Waterproofing?

It should be noted many factors make shower waterproofing effective. For example, the installation process. The waterproofing must be easy to apply and long-lasting. For instance, waterproofing material quality is especially important, as there are very cheap, simple waterproofing materials that will last only a few years. Waterproofing durability is most important, by veteran waterproofing professionals using dedicated, strong materials so the shower remains sealed without peeling, cracking or materials disappearing in a very short time. High-quality, strong shower waterproofing materials protect against stains and water and can withstand challenges like high temperatures and air acidity to ensure many years of protection against dampness.

It should be known the Israeli market offers a wide variety of shower waterproofing materials, some considered quality and durable, but proper manufacturer guideline use should be known.

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