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Everything You Wanted to Know About Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Everything you need and should know about the importance and necessity of exterior wall waterproofing in the page before you
איטום קירות חיצוניים

The waterproofing infrastructure in all building types is intended, among other things, to prevent dampness conditions resulting from rainwater seepage through the roof surface or exterior walls to the interior walls, where failures in waterproofing infrastructure can lead to damp damage which in some cases causes irreparable damage to building infrastructure.

What are the common causes of waterproofing failures?

Waterproofing failures result from several different causes, the main ones including:

Construction defects in waterproofing infrastructure – waterproofing problems in residential and ground-attached buildings often result from negligent waterproofing not according to mandatory standards, where in new residential buildings, leakage is not immediately visible but water slowly seeps into walls and irreparable damage to the structure occurs without you knowing.

Lack of routine maintenance of waterproofing infrastructure – in all types of residential and attached buildings, routine maintenance of waterproofing infrastructure is very important, where lack of routine maintenance can lead to waterproofing failures and damp damage.

Use of inferior, poor quality waterproofing materials – in residential buildings where waterproofing maintenance is performed, waterproofing failures may result from using inferior waterproofing materials, for cost savings by the contractor or from professional ignorance in waterproofing work.

Damp damage - what's important to know?

Wetness inside the apartment from rainwater penetration through the building envelope can lead to irreparable damage to building infrastructure, aesthetic flaw inside the apartment and walls, and health problems among residents from mold growth emitting odors that cause breathing difficulties, bronchitis and asthma. Such damage can be prevented through professional exterior wall waterproofing by a leading, experienced waterproofing contractor using quality waterproofing materials produced by Pazkar of the Paz Group, specializing in waterproofing sciences since 1934 until today.

The importance and necessity of exterior wall waterproofing

Beyond the damp damage resulting from various waterproofing failures, any exterior wall waterproofing problem can lead to cracks and crevices in the building envelope. The presence of numerous, deep cracks and crevices may indicate irreparable damage to building infrastructure and even real mortal danger. The dramatic sights of the old residential building that recently collapsed in Holon illustrated to all the real danger inherent in the appearance of numerous, deep cracks in the building envelope. Similar to the residential building that collapsed in Holon, there are thousands of residential buildings in Israel where crevices and cracks in the external envelope are prominently visible, which should set off a red light for apartment owners in these buildings. Beyond this, exterior wall waterproofing helps prevent seepage so building facades remain intact over time and the aesthetic appearance of the building envelope is not compromised.

איטום קירות חוץ

When will exterior wall waterproofing be required?

  • Exterior wall waterproofing is a professional waterproofing action that is important and advisable to implement in several main situations:
  • In all cases where construction defects were discovered in building waterproofing infrastructure during building inspection and/or apartment inspection in the building – it is important to note waterproofing in these cases is also necessary when you see no signs of damp damage.
  • In all cases where you notice apartment wetness expressed as paint peeling on walls, mold formation, fungus growing on the wall, etc.
  • In all cases where you identify cracks and crevices of varying depths in exterior walls.
  • In all cases where no waterproofing work was performed on the building for several years.
  • And in other cases where the exterior wall condition requires localized or full treatment as part of waterproofing work.

Choosing waterproofing contractors – how?

Exterior wall waterproofing is a complex waterproofing action that should be performed by leading contractors in the field, who should be chosen based on several key parameters such as: the contractor’s professional experience and practical knowledge regarding exterior wall waterproofing, waterproofing materials used (material type and standards compliance), contractor’s scope of waterproofing work, waterproofing methods proposed according to damp damage scope on interior and exterior building envelope, work warranty scope, and of course the price required for the waterproofing work.

Note – although work prices are a key contractor selection parameter for exterior wall waterproofing, the importance and necessity of waterproofing requires you to relate to each of the above professional parameters and not choose the cheapest quote received. In most cases, you may end up paying dearly for the cheapest quote, as the contractor will try to save on waterproofing material quality!

Regarding work warranty, it is important to note waterproofing contractors provide 1-4 year warranties on average, only when full building envelope exterior wall waterproofing rather than localized waterproofing.

Exterior wall waterproofing pricing – how is work scope priced?

  1. If bituminous membrane waterproofing is applied to previously tarred roofs, the roof surface must be prepared as follows:
  2. All drain and pipe openings must be covered, after thorough cleaning and declogging if present.
  3. The tar layer must be fully removed, removing air bubbles and loose sections on the surface (if tar does not detach from substrate, another tar layer can be applied before laying the membranes).
  4. Roof slopes and drainage system functioning must be checked by water spraying.
  5. If necessary, correct slopes using polymer-modified cement mortar.
  6. Care must be taken to pour raised concrete bases around all pipes and fixtures on the roof surface – the concrete base must be at least 10 cm high and 20×20 cm in size around each roof fixture leg.

Pazkar presents: Only recommended exterior wall waterproofing materials for waterproofing

As mentioned above, work waterproofing quality is determined in part by the waterproofing material quality used, with one of the leading companies in Israel for producing waterproofing materials for all waterproofing work being Pazkar of the Paz Group, considered the leader in waterproofing solutions in Israel since its establishment in 1934 until today.

Pazkar’s waterproofing products are manufactured according to Israeli and international standards and were developed using cutting-edge technologies. Among the company’s other products designed for exterior wall waterproofing you can find single and two-component bituminous sealants incorporating quality polymers, excelling in especially rapid drying capability among other things.

The company’s waterproofing products designed for exterior walls are also intended for repairing an existing waterproofing layer and for waterproofing below-grade spaces and elements, wet rooms, balconies, with the company’s various exterior wall waterproofing products designed for concrete, block, brick and other exterior walls. Importantly, the company’s products are environmentally friendly and most also have a green label.

To view the Pazkar waterproofing product catalog designed for exterior wall waterproofing click here.

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