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Environmentally Friendly Waterproofing

Green Building: All You Need to Know About Environmentally Friendly Waterproofing Products
בנייה ירוקה | פזקר pazkar

As the years go by, our world is progressing towards a greener future. In March 2022 another milestone will be reached in the construction industry, with the introduction of a green building standard. An integral part of that standard is of course green waterproofing materials. But before we elaborate on the subject, let’s understand what is green building and what is this standard.

Green building is construction that is environmentally and resident friendly, thanks to the use of natural materials and waste recycling. With green building it is possible to reduce radiation and pollutant emissions, thereby helping the climate crisis while also saving energy, electricity and water. The Israeli green building standard (or in short, Standard 5281) mandates all building types in the country and will be implemented in stages according to point accumulation based on various parameters, such as use of green waterproofing materials. The rule is simple – the higher point score a building receives, the higher its “green” rating. The rating will be represented in stars, with five being the highest possible star number.

It is important to note that the minimum requirement to define a building as “green” is one star, obtained when accumulating 55 points. Points accumulate when meeting the standard in several areas including: land, energy, waste, water, materials, transportation and more. The higher the building’s rating, the more prestigious it is considered. Also, the point score that can be obtained to achieve five stars is 90 points and above.

The first stage of the standard will begin already next March (2022) and buildings required to meet a one star rating will include among others office and commercial buildings above 5,000 sqm, high-rise residential buildings, clinics above 1,000 sqm and more. The second stage will begin in September 2023 and will also be relevant for office and commercial buildings from 1,000 sqm, residential buildings in high-density construction in non-high-rise buildings and more.

בנייה ירוקה | פזקר pazkar

What Should be Known About Green Waterproofing Materials?

First, in case anyone doubted this, waterproofing materials can also be environmentally friendly and serve the purposes of green building, without detracting from their effectiveness. Pazkar is considered a pioneer in waterproofing products in Israel, and has produced dozens of green label waterproofing products over the years for uses like roofing, exterior wall waterproofing, wet rooms and more. Their huge advantage lies in very low pollutant levels and no odor during use. In addition, these are waterproofing products made in Israel, and therefore so beloved by contractors.

Among Pazkar’s wide selection of green waterproofing materials you can find roofing products like Acrylpaz, Master Roof and Innopaz H2O, or below-grade products like Isiflex, RapidFlex and Master Flex. Their uniqueness stems from water-based production technology, and therefore all have the Israeli Standards Institution’s green label. Among Pazkar’s many green products, we will mention here three materials worth getting to know:

בנייה ירוקה | פזקר pazkar

1. Innopaz H2O

The perfect roof waterproofing solution – dual-component polyurethane water-based sealant and coating, with excellent adhesion capability, improved resistance to standing water, ability to bridge dynamic cracks and high resistance to harsh environmental conditions. The product’s two components are white sealant and clear sealant. Innopaz H2O is extremely user and environmentally friendly. The product is used among other things for waterproofing roofs with complex geometric shapes, rehabilitating and reducing heat load on bitumen-coated roofs. The unique sealant maintains pleasant indoor climate and reduces air conditioner use, an additional significant advantage for green building.

בנייה ירוקה | אינופז H2O ​| פזקר pazkar

2. Acrylpaz Super

Fiber-reinforced white waterproofing sealant and coating, designed for waterproofing and whitening roofs. Additionally, it reduces building heat load. These natural fibers strengthen the waterproofing layer creating a homogeneous, uniform waterproofing layer. This material has several prominent advantages – it is non-cracking, UV resistant, easy and convenient to apply, and as you have guessed, like other mentioned materials, has a green label.

בנייה ירוקה | אקריל סופר ​| פזקר pazkar

3. Isiflex

A water-based, polymer-enriched bituminous waterproofing material, environmentally friendly of course. Used for waterproofing below-grade spaces and elements like basement walls, foundation beams, retaining walls, floors and more. Other example uses are waterproofing cantilevered balconies, wet room floors, exterior walls prior to dry construction stone cladding, and waterproofing concrete, block, brick and drywall walls, and more.

Isiflex has several prominent advantages, first being an especially thick single-layer application. Meaning, the waterproofing material forms a homogeneous, strong, flexible waterproofing layer without seams. Additionally, it has crack bridging capability, excellent concrete adhesion, suited for spraying and spreading and simple to use.

בנייה ירוקה | איזיפלקס ​| פזקר pazkar

Want to hear more about the green waterproofing products we developed at Pazkar, and understand the precise materials for you without compromising on quality and durability for many years? We invite you to contact our experts:

Amit Adary, Technical Consultant, Pazkar.
Phone: 054-5241612


Customer Service: 04-6423154

Click here for the Green Building Consultants Association

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