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Waterproofing the Bathroom: Golden Tips for Preventing Dampness

Renovation isn’t something you do every day, but waterproofing the bathroom is really something special. So the wet room doesn’t become the wet problem of the building, here are some tips for perfect waterproofing, and of course, most importantly, don’t compromise on Pazkar’s leading waterproofing materials.

Bituminous Membranes: Peace of Mind on the Roof for the Next Decade

The days of having to go up every summer to tar the roof are over. _The world is moving to bituminous membranes – the smoothest, most efficient and durable waterproofing material on the market._ Pazkar presents: quality bituminous membranes that will save you from dampness for at least ten years.

Confused About Waterproofing Materials?

The market selection is huge and the rain is already seeping in – but if you don’t take care to choose waterproofing material suited to the surface you’re working on, you’re just wasting money and time.

A Quiet, Dry Winter: 5 Most Effective Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Winter with Pazkar

איטום גגות | פזקר pazkar

Winter is already here, and with it come the blessed rains. Many buildings that are not properly waterproofed against rain or maintained before winter can become damaged and leave you helpless against leaks, flooding, wall cracks, dampness and mold. All these can significantly impair normal home life and even cause real health damage. So especially […]