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Bituminous Membranes for Waterproofing – Only Pazkar!

Need to waterproof with 'bituminous membranes'? Look for Pazkar membranes!
יריעות ביטומניות | פזקר pazkar

There are many waterproofing methods in Israel, but they should be applied according to the type of waterproofing, area, and more. One of the best and leading types is waterproofing using bituminous membranes. When examining the properties of bituminous membranes, it is possible to understand why these sheets have become the preferred method among waterproofing companies, especially when referring to quality bituminous waterproofing membranes from Pazkar. We will start by mentioning that although tar was the old and effective method, over the years, with the need to re-waterproof and whiten roofs in the summer, technology advanced and bituminous membranes were developed. When waterproofing roofs using these sheets, there will be no overheating of upper floors. The waterproofing is absolute and there is no concern of rain penetration. The membranes also insulate from cold and heat, so the apartment or house interior remains cool and pleasant in summer.

In fact, bituminous membranes are welded to concrete roofs, providing absolute waterproofing. The membranes must be laid and welded according to Pazkar’s precise guidelines, so they must be handled gently to prevent damage. Proper overlap must be made and work must proceed systematically according to Pazkar’s instructions. It should be noted that Pazkar manufactures two types of bituminous membranes for waterproofing. For example, APP membranes used especially for roofing, and the second type is used for waterproofing basements, shelters and underground parking lots, as well as floors. Because these membranes are enriched with SBS polymers, they are more flexible, so Pazkar recommends not using them for roofing.

יריעות ביטומניות | פזקר pazkar

Proper application of bituminous membranes according to Israeli standard only

First, as mentioned, the right bituminous membranes must be selected, because for roofing, an experienced, professional waterproofing company will purchase from Pazkar, existent since 1934 and considered a leader in waterproofing, so the company will order quality membranes with an Israeli standard mark. A veteran, reputable waterproofing company will not purchase cheap, poor quality bituminous membranes, but will only purchase these designated membranes from Israel’s veteran, leading company Pazkar. Pazkar’s consultants always recommend creating at least a 10 cm overlap between sheets. The next step is welding the membranes using a burner, heating both the membrane itself and the surface on which the bituminous membranes are laid.

It should be noted that bituminous membranes come in 4 mm and 5 mm rolls. Every waterproofing company, when arriving at a client, first examines previous waterproofing, uses sophisticated equipment to locate leaks or waterproofing failures, and only then properly plans the waterproofing itself. If dealing with an apartment building roof with various fixtures like solar water heaters, AC units, etc., the fixtures must be lifted and placed on rubber layers to prevent cracks around fixture legs. If there are still cracks or gaps, Pazkar recommends completing them using sealants.

יריעות ביטומניות | פזקר pazkar

What is important to know before waterproofing with bituminous membranes?

To ensure successful, professional waterproofing, it is advisable to follow important guidelines. Note that when laying bituminous waterproofing membranes, they should be laid on new concrete roofs. If there is previous waterproofing material on the roof, if the old material is from the bituminous family like tar or membranes, this will ensure complete membrane adhesion to the roof. Note that before any waterproofing, the area to be waterproofed must be thoroughly cleaned. It should be known that bituminous membranes are made of a bitumen layer armored with polyester or fiberglass fibers as well as elastic polymers, so the combination of these raw materials provides the membrane with maximum strength and flexibility.

Care should be taken not to use bituminous membranes directly on acrylic waterproofing materials, so if any exist, they should be removed and only after surface cleaning can the membranes be applied. In Israel there is a standard regulating bituminous membrane waterproofing, so when ordering a waterproofing contractor or company, care must be taken that they use standard membranes. The Israeli standard is supremely important, as there are bituminous waterproofing membranes that meet the European standard. The climate in Europe is extremely different from the Mediterranean climate in Israel, so Israeli membranes must be purchased from a company marketing membranes suited to Israel according to the Israeli standard.

Why do many waterproofing contractors recommend Pazkar's bituminous membranes?

Just as we recognize that an experienced, reputable professional provides expertise assurance, so it goes for bituminous membrane manufacturers. The leading waterproofing products company in Israel is Pazkar. The company was founded in 1934 and is a waterproofing solutions pioneer in the construction and infrastructure market. The company’s values have accompanied it for years. Pazkar sees itself as leading the waterproofing sector in innovation and progress. Pazkar invests tremendous resources in all research and development, using cutting-edge technology to set the highest professional standards in the Israeli market.

Over the past year, Pazkar has developed many new, high-quality waterproofing products and continues the tradition of providing customers the perfect waterproofing solution. Pazkar recommends contractors waterproof using two-layer bituminous membranes, with the bottom layer without aggregate coating. The membranes should be laid in a domino method, just like roof tiles. Welding must be performed on the entire roof waterproofing area, starting at the lowest point near drains and continuing towards the highest point. Emphasis should be placed on connection points to fillets and other vertical membrane areas. Once bituminous membrane welding is complete, membrane edges should be reinforced to walls using aluminum slats and sealed with Pazkar’s hot bituminous material. Once welding is fully complete, as well as waterproofing, a flood test should be performed to verify waterproofing is complete with no concern of water penetration.

יריעות ביטומניות | פזקר pazkar
Pazkar's Professional Standards

Many waterproofing contractors in Israel use quality locally made Pazkar products. The company provides a third of Israel’s petroleum consumption and is a vertically integrated petroleum products corporation in Israel. All Pazkar waterproofing products meet strict Israeli standards. The company provides consulting services to contractors nationwide. The membranes meet Israeli standard 1430/30, so the waterproofing products are of supreme quality, emphasizing quality control of the company’s products. Waterproofing contractors are invited to see the company’s quality waterproofing materials catalog, renowned in Israel for waterproofing expertise. You can find diverse waterproofing materials, customized for the waterproofing area and surface type. The company also has bituminous membranes for infrastructure waterproofing, these being root-resistant. The company manufactures sealants, acrylic waterproofing, primers, protection and drainage sheets, special products, accessories and more. Pazkar’s team will be happy to advise contractors and recommend quality waterproofing materials and more.

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