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Pazkar Company

Pazkar, part of the Paz Group, is the leading company in Israel for the development and production of waterproofing products for the construction and infrastructure markets. Pazkar was founded in 1934 and is considered a pioneer of waterproofing solutions in Israel. From the outset, it has upheld the values of professionalism, excellence and quality. These values, which have accompanied the company over the years, are expressed in the wide range of solutions the company offers its customers and the construction and infrastructure sector overall, the uncompromising pursuit of the highest quality, and a service mentality that places the customer at the center.

As such, Pazkar sees itself as committed to continuing to lead the waterproofing sector to innovation and progress. The company invests considerable resources in research and development and, using the most advanced technology, continuously sets new professional standards. Pazkar will continue to provide its customers with the perfect solution for their various waterproofing needs, all under one roof.

Pazkar’s quality management system is certified according to the ISO9001:2015 international standard. IQNET. The water-based sealants produced by Pazkar also bear the Green Label, expressing the company’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Pazkar’s premier products are currently implemented in almost every home, building and infrastructure system in Israel. Its products are also marketed in many countries around the world. Its vast experience and extensive capabilities, which are highly regarded both in Israel and worldwide, have established the company at the forefront of the waterproofing sector, guiding its path to groundbreaking innovations and developments going forward as well.

The company's vision

חברה מובילה בישראל לייצור ופיתוח פתרונות איטום לענף הבניה והתשתיות, תוך שמירה על איכות גבוהה וחדשנות מוצרים המשווקים בארץ ובעולם.


Pazkar, the leading company in its field, is committed to the ongoing development of innovative, advanced solutions that provide many benefits to our customers.


Pazkar strives to manufacture quality products and maintains stringent quality control throughout the production processes.


Pazkar finds inspiration for developing its products from its customers and the growth of the construction industry market, focusing on their diverse needs.

Human Capital

Pazkar sees its professional human capital as the central foundation for continued growth and empowerment.


Pazkar operates in a manner based on credibility, fairness and personal attention

Environmental Conservation

Pazkar is committed to environmental conservation and works to develop environmentally and user friendly products.

To Lead

In line with its vision, Pazkar will continue to lead the waterproofing and insulation sector for each and every one of its customers.

Community Involvement

The Paz Group is committed to community involvement and contribution.

Company Vision

As a leading company in our field, belonging to the Paz Group, we are committed to social and environmental responsibility in all our activities. Therefore, we have formulated and created a Code of Ethics that is binding for the entire Paz Group.

The Code of Ethics expresses standards and rules of conduct that reflect our company’s vision and values on which it is founded, and builds the basis for managing all our business, in Israel and worldwide, while maintaining the principles of law, morality and business ethics.

We have given much precise thought in formulating each of the Code of Ethics principles, and we see adhering to it as an essential condition for our existence and prosperity. The Code of Ethics expresses clear modes of action and serves each and every one of the group’s employees in their daily work.

The Code of Ethics includes principles between man and his fellow man, between man and organization, and between man and law and accepted moral standards in modern and advanced society. We believe that formulating and distributing the Code of Ethics among the organization’s employees and partners will contribute to creating energy of creativity, fellowship and excellence – as befits the number one energy company in the state.

To read the Paz Group’s full Code of Ethics click here.

Pazkar's premier products are marketed in many countries around the world.

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Media Coverage

Proper Waterproofing is Like Preventive Medicine

House construction starts from within: internal waterproofing layers that will prevent dampness and damage to the structure and wallet. Pazkar has specialized in waterproofing for 88 years already, presenting the new, smart, advanced and green generation in the field.

Bituminous Membranes Guarantee Waterproofing Success in Buildings

Pazkar, the leader in waterproofing solutions in Israel, provides an innovative product range guaranteeing maximum, efficient and safe waterproofing in all building sections.

Building Waterproofing, Not What You Thought

The average person is familiar with the concept of building waterproofing mainly from roof sealing or coatings, but it turns out this is an entire world encompassing the building’s entire envelope, from foundations to roof. The supreme goal: preventing moisture from penetrating the steel rods that armor the structure, which can weaken due to rust.

Pazkar Company of the Paz Group

The Paz Group is Israel’s leading vertically integrated petroleum products company, supplying about a third of Israel’s petroleum product consumption.

The group engages in refining, production, storage, import and marketing of refined petroleum products.

The company owns the Ashdod Refinery, petroleum product storage and dispensing terminals, a network of approximately 260 gas stations and retail sites, and over 227 convenience stores under the Yellow brand.

Its financial strength, advanced work methods, developed service mentality and rare ability to identify marketing opportunities and actualize a rich reality – have positioned Paz at the top of Israel’s energy companies.

The Paz Group combines diverse activities in the local market including: production and marketing of lubricants and chemicals, production and marketing of bitumen sheets and waterproofing products for the construction and infrastructure industries, production, storage and marketing of jet fuel, automated refueling services and fleet solutions.

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